These adapter kits come as a 3 piece set; a bellhousing adapter, a flywheel adapter, and a flywheel spacer.

The adapter kit is designed to connect an SAE #4 bellhousing and flywheel (used on most small yanmar and kubota diesels) to a GM metric pattern. The flywheel adapter is designed to work with an NV1500 5 speed transmission from 1996-on s-10 trucks

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works the same way but allows you to mount anything that will bolt to a SBC to your SAE bellhousing

The following kit is for the "GM Metric pattern" transmissions

bellhousing adapter

flywheel adapter and spacer
The flywheel spacer (left) also contains the pilot bearing for the transmission,
while the flywheel adapter (right) adapts the SAE bolt pattern to the GM flywheel pattern.

The entire kit is CNC machined from high quality aluminum.

flywheel with adapter being mounted
flywheel with adapter and spacer being mounted to a yanmar 4TN enigne .

full adapter setup ready for transmission
adapter kit installed, ready for transmission

these adapters can be custom made to work with different transmissions for an extra fee.

Adapters are no longer for sale
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