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Enclosed With Wall Transformer
Quantity Pricing

Enclosed with no wall transformer (-$9.00)
Non-Enclosed with wall transformer (-$7.00)
Non Enclosed with No wall transformer (-$16.00)

Add 16GB SD card (+$15.00) *
Smallest size available
(Brand Name Quality Card Tested for use with CFSound IV)

Additional I/O boards:
Install Contact IO8 (+$95.00)
Install Contact Sense 8 (+$60.00)
Install Contact Sense 24 (+$80.00)
Install 2nd Contact IO8 (+$95.00)
Install 2nd Contact Sense 8 (+$60.00)
Install 2nd Contact Sense 24 (+$80.00)

Prewired Kits:
Kit S1 ($389.00)
Kit S2 ($419.00)
Kit S3 ($549.00)
Kit S4 ($649.00)
Kit S5 ($769.00)
Kit M1 ($419.00
Kit M2 ($439.00)
Kit M3 ($569.00)


Motion Sensors:
Indoor Motion Sensor ($29.95)
Outdoor Motion Sensor ($89.00)

SPEAKER-GM-65-8 ($19.30)
SPEAKER-AW500TT ($189.00)
SPEAKER-AW525PAIR ($229.00)
SPEAKER-AW400PAIR ($189.00)

16-2 Speaker wire ($0.32/foot)
16-4 Speaker wire ($0.59/foot)
22-4 Switch and Sensor Wire ($0.15/foot)
22-12 Switch and Sensor Wire ($0.48/foot)
100Ft Black 22 Gauge Hook-Up Wire ($34.00)

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