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Serial LCD 128 x 64 Graphical LCD RS-232 Display Terminal with ANSI/VT100 Subset support

128 x 64 Display Terminal

Our Serial LCD 128 x 64 Graphic LCD RS-232 Display Terminal is designed to provide a cost effective RS-232 operator interface. A high contrast, extended temperature range 128 x 64 pixel LED backlight transflective LCD provides excellent viewing in direct light, as well as indoors. It has a 12:00 to 6:00pm viewing angle, which means it can be viewed from straight on to about 80 degrees downward. The backlight automatically turns on when characters are received or inputs are activated, and shuts off after a programmable amount of no use. You can use your choice of matrix or non-matrix keypads, allowing 7 to 12 inputs. An on board tone generator & amplifier can be used to provide user feedback. Built in, expandable EEPROMs allow storing of graphics pages for quick menu redraws and graphics animation.

SOH ETX Protocol uses simple ASCII commands to: display text in five different fonts, clear all or portions of the display, draw lines, boxes, circles, display bitmap files, generate tones, and more. An optional display address can be set, using the built in non-volatile configuration utility, to allow multiple displays to be on the same serial port, each displaying different information.

ANSI / VT100 Subset Protocol supports ESC control sequences: display text in fixed pitch font, clear all or portions of the display, cursor positioning, scrolling when last line of display is reached, line wrap support, CR - CR/LF support, generate tone, ESC function key support for keypad closures, and more.
Membrane Switch Available!
.NET Class Support
Windows MCE Support

128 x 64 Display Terminal

The 128 x 64 Serial Graphic LCD Terminal provides you with a low cost user interface solution for that great product/project you have developed.  The LED backlighted display is a high contrast transflective LCD, which allows great indoor and outdoor viewing both night and day.  The printed circuit board is shaped to fit into any type of an enclosure, a double width electrical box, or an off the shelf PAC-TEC "TT" hand-held enclosure.  This allows you to make your own custom terminal, operator interface, and or machine interface.  Long 2-56 flat head screws and standoffs are included for mounting.

Home, business, and industrial automation designers & developers can use the serial 128x64 Graphic LCD Terminal for an interface to the automation control system.  Most automation platforms allows formatting and sending serial data as well as receiving.  Using this built in communications capability, you can add an operator interface.  Also, since it's serial, you can add the serial 128 x 64 Graphic LCD Terminal in a remote location.

Best of all, it is easy to use!  You can have a great looking user interface in no time at all.  Simple ASCII serial commands sent to the 128 x 64 Graphic LCD Display Terminal, display text in multiple fonts/styles/justification, graphics, and generate tones via the onboard 250mW speaker driver. ASCII serial commands from the 128 x 64 Graphic LCD Display Terminal debounce switch closures from either a scanned row & column keypad, or individual contacts.

128 x 64 Display Terminal Config

Configuration  is easy.  By simply holding down the outer two bottom keys at power up or reset, the display terminal enters a configuration utility menu.  From this menu, you can change the baud rate, display address, back light timeout, power up logo & settings display, and more. After changes are made, they are save in non-volatile EEPROM.


Membrane Switch Option
128 x 64 Display Terminal

An optional 3M adhesive backed membrane switch overlay is available for easy mounting. • Seven Keys • Tactile feedback on all keys • Attached .1” female connector • Rim embossed keys for finger placement • Splashproof, sealed switches • 4" in width, by 3" in height, with a Low profile height of .059 inches.

128 x 64 Display Terminal

The serial 128 x 64 Graphic LCD Terminal to the right, is shown mounted on a dual gang outlet box cover. This method of mounting, provides you with a low cost professional user interface solution.  A mechanical drawing is in the manual for mounting the display terminal in this fashion.

Hardware Features
Item Specification
CPU Zilog Z8F6423, 64K of FLASH, 4K of RAM
LCD 128 horizontal pixels by 64 vertical pixels, with a 1/64th duty cycle. A contrast adjusting knob is provided for adjusting the displays viewing characteristics. Viewable Area: 2.82" x 1.53".  Dot Size: 0.019" x 0.019". Dot Pitch: 0.020" x 0.020"
Firmware 64K of in-system programmable FLASH
Baud Rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19,200, 38,400, 57600 N,8,1
Baud rate defaults to 9,600, and can be changed by holding down two inputs on power up or reset, and entering the configuration menu.

For inputs, there are two choices:

1) An seven button debounce(non-matrix) keyboard input.  Using four of the inputs, this setup allows for the bottom line of the display to act as soft menus.

2) A three column by four row matrix keyboard input.  This setup allows for a matrix of 12 keys to be used, and can also use the bottom line of the display to act as soft menus.

By default, the input type is debounce, but can be changed by holding down two inputs on power up or reset, and entering the configuration menu


For audio, there's a two pin connector for connecting a 8-32 ohm speaker for tone generation. A 250mW audio amplifier is provided.

Power  Power for the terminal comes in on two of the unused DB-9 RS-232 connector. 10 - 15VDC is required.
Current draw is 32mA when LED backlight is off, 190mA when on.

LCD Specifications

Item Standard Value
Number of Dots 128 x 64
Module Dimension 93.0(W) x 70.0(H) x 13.5Max(T)
Viewing Area 71.7(W) x 39.0(H)
Active Area 66.52(W) x 33.24(H)
Dot Size 0.48(W) x 0.48(H)
Dot Pitch 0.52(W) x 0.52(H)
BackLight LED(YELLOW-Yellow/Green) (BLUE-White)
Viewing Angle +-40 degrees H & V
Viewing Direction 12 O'CLOCK Superwide
LCD Type STN-YELLOW(Positive/Transflective)
Contrast Ratio 5:1
Operating Temperature -20 to +70 degrees C