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4 Channel Compact Weathertight BeagleBoard Black Pixel Driver for FPP

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All-In-One, Weathertight, 4 Channel Pixel Driver
All-In-One, Weathertight, 4 Channel Pixel Driver
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Sealed Polycarbonate Enclosure with Transparent Cover
Sealed Polycarbonate Enclosure with Transparent Cover
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Optional 240W IP67 Rated Power Supply
Optional 240W IP67 Rated Power Supply, available in 12 or 24 volt
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4 Channel Pixel Driver
4 Channel Pixel Driver

It's never been easier to get pixels connected to FPP

This pixel driver board interfaces your BeagleBone running Falcon Player Software to 4 Channels of RGB pixels. It will operate on a supply voltage of 9-32VDC and provides pass-through power distribution for 4 strings of pixels, totaling a maximum of 15A. This board contains no "smarts" and simply provides power to the BeagleBoard and has drivers/amplifiers for the data channels.
Screwless connections are provided for all wires, just press the button and insert! The board boasts high current 5v data drivers with TVS protection to prevent accidental damage of the channel outputs.
The first of it's kind, the board features preview LEDs that give a glimpse of the data for each channel at the first address. Your addresses are NOT affected by this feature. Another never before seen feature that this board pioneers is selectable output impedance or "drive power". With a simple selection on the DIP switch, you can pick between normal and high power for those long wire runs. We've seen as much as double the distance capable with this feature. If you have a nice short connection to your first light, leave the channel in low power mode to minimize signal ringing.
The driver comes mounted in a weather-tight outdoor enclosure with cable fittings on each end. This unit pairs perfectly with a MeanWell HLG IP67 power supply (optional). We designed this driver to be the easiest possible way to add 4 strings of lights to your existing setup, or get a stand alone system going with no other parts. Just add lights and sequences and you're up and running! You won't find a driver with better signal integrity.

The pixel driver comes assembled in the weathertight enclosure with cable entry on each end.
The BeagleBoard is NOT included. We have Beagle Boards for sale separately based on availability. This setup works best with the BeagleBone Black WiFi. Some connectors may be blocked on other versions.

The power supply is optional for additional cost.
Cable sold seperately.

Channels -- 4
Supply Voltage -- 9-32VDC
Power Distribution -- YES
Selectable Drive Power -- YES
Preview LEDs -- YES

4 Channel Driver With WeatherTight Enclosure
$99.99 + options