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CFSound Digital Audio Player

Feature Packed Based on the proven quality and reliability of the CFSound, CFSound II, CFSound II+, and CFSound III, the CFSound IV is a digital audio repeater that can be used for interactive displays, standalone music, message announcement, concert audio, or home theater audio..  The CFSound IV is simple to operate and setup, and it will play your audio for years and years with no tapes to wear out.. You simply record the files on your PC, and name the files how you want them to play.  You next copy the files to a SD Flash card, connect speaker(s), and plug in the CFSound IV using the included wall transformer.  Audio is played out via the built in High Power Stereo amplifier, or you can connect it to your own amplifier using the line-level out jacks.  Two contact sense input triggers and one PTT contact output are built in for triggering sounds with a switch or motion sensor.  ACS invented the first CFSound, playing digital audio from a compact flash card, in 1997.  Museums and kiosk manufactures around the world have used CFSound products for over twenty-eight years.  Now the CFSound product line is manufactured and sold by Arbitrary Precision, which is operated by the next generation of Ackermans.  

Simple to Use The CFSound IV is still the easiest to use!  Naming a file "01C.WAV", will cause the file to play when input trigger #1 closes. Naming a file "BACKGRND.WAV" causes that file to be played in the background when no other files are being played. The input triggers are activated by the closing or opening of a switch, motion sensor, or any dry contact. The "C" in the filename tells the file to play when the input trigger closes. Placing an "O" in the filename causes the file to play when the corresponding input trigger opens. Both "C" & "O" files can be on the compact flash card for each input trigger allowing specific files to play when the input trigger opens or closes. The PTT contact output is activated during the playing of sound files with an "S" in the filename. Up to 48 additional contact sense input triggers or 16 PTT relays and 16 additional contact sense input triggers may be added using I/O modules.

Expandable  The CFSound IV is expandable using Expansion IO modules .  Up to two I/O modules can be added to provide contact inputs and or contact inputs & outputs to the CFSound IV.  Output modules provide individually controlled relay closures, that activate during play out of the corresponding audio file.  Input modules provide additional triggering/control of how and when the audio files play.  Combination input and output modules are available to provide triggering(inputs) of an audio file, as well as activating an output for the duration of the play out.  If using the built in optional BASIC, the relays can be controlled individually, and inputs can be used to control program flow and operation. 

Powerful Making the CFSound IV the most configurable and powerful audio message repeater in the industry, is the optional use of the built in BASIC programming language. Connect the CFSound IV to a RS-232 terminal or terminal software on your PC, and you can use the built in BASIC programming editor to create programs right on the CFSound IV, and then save them to the Compact Flash Card.  Placing the file "CFSOUND.BAS" on the SD Flash Card makes the CFSound IV enter the BASIC operation mode at power up. Powerful simple to use BASIC commands allow the watching of inputs, playing of sounds, and triggering of the  CFSound IV's outputs.  The BASIC even allows file writing to the SD Flash card so you can log events or exhibit usage.
Of course there is still the simple use of the CFSOUND.INI file allowing:  

  • Playing of multiple files in sequence or random from a single input trigger.   
  • Quiz mode to make the CFSound IV ask questions then play correct and incorrect sound files for each multiple choice answer input trigger.   
  • Delays can be added between playing multiple background sound files.
    Sample "CFSOUND.INI" text files are available in the software download portion of the website.

    Quality Audio The CFSound IV's 44kHz 16 Bit stereo CD/DVD quality audio and built in digital stereo amplifier will astound you. Connect a set of quality speakers and you will not believe the fidelity and power of what you hear. The built in Class D amplifier generates unbelievable audio power with no heat!  It's digital right to the speakers!  If you turn it up and close your eyes you will think you're listening to at least $1200 worth of audio equipment. The quality is that superb.

    You can record your audio files using the sound recorder software included with your computer, our use one of the many audio editing software packages that range in price from free to $99. The audio editing software allows you to add effects, fades, noise, tones, touch tones, silence, background music and more, that will make your audio files sound like they were done by a pro.

    Volume may be remotely adjusted by connecting momentary push button switches to the provided pin header connector located on the main PCB of the CFSound IV.

    Picture of CFSound IV digital message player, digital message repeater in museum The CFSound IV digital audio repeater can be mounted in a podium, display, or kiosk, to provide an interactive self contained stand alone information/education/quiz/learning system.  The expandable inputs & outputs, along with the audio file name conventions, allows the user to create a complete zoo exhibit, museum exhibit, kiosk, or quiz(question and answer) system, using just the CFSound IV .  When used in a hands on interactive display, the CFSound IV can watch for switch(s) to be pressed, play a corresponding audio file, and trigger individual outputs for controlling lamps, routing the played audio to different speakers(locations), etc.. 

    Using the CFSound IV digital message player quiz mode, questions can be played(asked), and correct/incorrect answers can be played per question.  You set the questions, the answers for each question, the wait for correct answer time & sounds, and the timeout audio/sounds, all with wav files. Also using the CFSound IV  in quiz mode, you can use the question inputs to select different languages sets, and when the answer inputs are activated, the CFSound IV plays the appropriate audio file in the appropriate language.  Did we mention that if you use an IO Module with outputs, you can make lights, motors, solenoids, etc.. activate for each question and answer! Make your visitors stop & listen & learn.

    It really is just that simple to create or automate an interactive kiosk, quiz or exhibit.  The CFSound IV is a simple to use all in one Museum tool!

    What if you wanted to be called by phone when an event(s) happened.  Of course, it's simple!  Connect the CFSound IV digital message player to the telephone line via the on board PTT(push to talk) relay and a telephone matching transformer.  Next place the touch tones needed to dial the phone in an audio file, add a little silence to allow someone to answer the phone, add to that your message that you want the recipient to hear, and you're done.  Recording the touch tones may sound difficult, but they're not.  There are many sound editing programs that generate touch tones audio sequences just as easy as typing them on a phone. How about using the PTT relay to operate an RF radio instead of a telephone?  That would be just as simple!

    If you need to repeat a message endlessly over and over, or triggered, you can use the CFSound IV as a digital message repeater, digital audio repeater, or audio message repeater.  A safety or warning message can play continuously, or be triggered/started by an off the shelf motion sensor.  Using an input module, the CFSound IV  could play a low volume warning message as a background audio file, and play a corrective action audio file when an input is triggered by a motion or any other type of sensor with a contact output.  After the alert audio file is played, the CFSound IV would return to where it left off playing the background sound, and continue. The  CFSound IV digital audio message will never wear out or degrade in quality since it is stored digitally.

    Picture of CFSound IV Connected to CPU or PLC using RS232 For computer, PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), or microprocessor controlled products or equipment, there's an on board RS-232 port.  A simple ASCII protocol allows playing, stopping, and queuing of audio files.  Now how simple is that!  You have a product, it looks great, but it sure would be great if played audio.  Now it can.  You can simply play individual audio files, and or queue them for play out in a specified/queued order.  With a library of audio files(words, sounds) you can queue together very complicated audio sequences very simply!

    The CFSound IV digital audio repeater is a digital audio player that provides interactive digital message triggering, playing and repeating that can be used in museums, zoos, exhibits, kiosks, planes, buses, railways, trams, monorails, games, amusement, kiddy rides, safety messages, educational, commercial, industrial, advertising, emergency, telephone message on hold, promotions, or anything else you can dream up.  Turn your tapes, CDs or other recordings into solid state digital audio playback or digital sound playback, that will play forever, and can be changed as often as you desire.  Once the audio is stored digitally, it will play forever without degrading in quality.